CopsForensics Farming Coming Soon!!

Launching CopsForensics Farming Very Soon, Join us on Telegram to stay updated!!


COPS provides updated analysis information about the stage-by-stage development of the blockchain-based project at various points in the project's lifecycle

  • Idea Conceptualization & Initial planning
  • Whitepaper Release-V1
  • Website launch
  • Deployment of the main contract
  • Uniswap launch
  • Smart contract Audit
  • Staking commences
  • CEX listings
  • Launching of Forensic Audit Services
  • Launch of yield farming pools
  • NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) & NFT Farming
  • Expansion of clients for Forensic Audit Service
  • Exchange listings expansion
  • COPSPAD (COPS Launchpad)
  • DAO launch

**Team will continue to do research & development even after the Roadmap and development of new products in the Best Interest of the Project community at large.

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